What Successful Gym Owners Know About Medifast Diet Products

medifast for gym owners

A friend who promotes Medifast or Take Shape For Life (TSFL) products recently asked me for help in understanding what successful gym owners need to know about Medifast diet products. They knew I was building a great team with Purium products. They also know that coaching my team was more than just giving “sales advice.”…

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Organic Aloe Vera Concentrate

aloe vera

Organic Aloe Vera concentrate has been considered the plant of immortality since the days of antiquity. The only thing better than buying organic Aloe Vera is growing it yourself. However, as with anything you grow yourself, it takes a bit of work to harvest the end product and preserve it. Most people are familiar with…

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Purium Apothe-Cherry Syrup Natural Sleep Aid

apothe cherry concentrate

For years I  have struggled with sleep issues. When I hit menopause if I was able to sleep two or three hours at a time at night I felt I was doing well. Not sleeping has a rather large impact on ones ability to function as you might imagine. To make matters worse I like…

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Purium Super Lytes Electrolyte Solution

super lytes

Purim Super Lytes Electrolyte Solution If you are like most people, your comprehension of blood chemistry may be a bit shaky! So here is a quick primer to help you understand why we need electrolytes, what an imbalance can mean to your body, and why Super Lytes is the ideal electrolytes formulation. Super Lytes is…

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The Amino Acid Benefits of Super Amino 23

super amino 23

Do you remember what you learned about Amino Acids and Protein in Biology class? NO? Well, I didn’t either, so when I first started reading about Super Amino 23 I knew I needed to create a primer for myself and my clients. Hopefully, this article will help you better understand the Amino Acid benefits of…

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GMO Free Food – The Book Food Manufactures Don’t Want You To Read

Dr. Michael Fleischer and his co author Helen Gibson give us a fresh look at how the food producers are manipulating the food supply and causing us to live shorter more disease ridden lives. New Book Reveals: Food Giant Manufacturers Dirty Little Secrets … Poisons For Profits In Your Food … How They Got There…

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Healthy Green Smoothies Weight Loss Recipes

healthy green smoothie weight loss

Purium offers several healthy green smoothies weight loss shake options. Here we will cover what your healthy green smoothies shake choices are and give you several recipes to aid with weight loss as well as over all health. To start with let’s look at the several types of protein shake mixes and some healthy green…

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Purium Gift Card

purium gift card

  Watch an over view of what Purium is all about:    See the results ordinary people are getting – these are VERY exciting!     Using Your FREE Purium Gift Card There are two options for taking advantage of  your Free $50 Purium Gift Card. As the system will only allow you to redeem…

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Puriums 10 Day Athletes Transformation Lifestyle

Purium 10 Day Athletes Transformation

This month’s choices will determine next month’s body! Choose wisely. –Dr. Michael Fleischer Athletes Transformation… I think the name of the pack says it all. The Purium 10 Day Athletes Transformation will supercharge your fitness results and give you the competitive edge you deserve. If you are a Vegan you will find an option here…

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Purium Core3 Review – Setting A New Standard In Nutrition


Thirty seven years in the chiropractic profession with a focus on nutrition has led me to conclude that the highest standard in nutrition is now required to counter the many contaminants in our air, food, and water. The Purium Core3 products have met this standard.

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