Avoiding Hip Replacement Surgery – Amazing Bicycle Accident Recovery Tale

The day started out the same as any other day here in sunny Florida. I swallowed my Super Aminos 23 plant-based protein, put on the gloves and helmet, checked the tire pressure, dressed in florescent green and black, and turned on the rear blinker. I was off on what I thought was a safe and uneventful morning ride. Little did I know that my day was about to be turned upside down.

But, here I must digress and explain a bit about the backdrop to this story. My commitment to good health, for myself and for other’s, began in the 70’s. In 1979, after receiving an undergraduate degree in Biology/Education, a few friends and I decided to take some time off from continuing our academic careers and open a Vegan restaurant about a mile from the campus. Like many from our generation, we were young and idealistic…we were going to change the world! We were going to grow our own food and put to task our ‘farm to table’ philosophy. That’s right; we had created jobs for ourselves. We worked endless hours farming and then turning farm fresh foods into wholesome meals. Several years later, graduate school beckoned and I decided to continue my quest towards greater health and holistic medicine by becoming a Chiropractor.

All that said, today…like most days, I was simply reaching for a new personal best on this 15-20 mile ride. Changing the world was not on my mind, but staying fit and representing my profession as a role model was what had become important. Pushing personal limits for cycling intensity, endurance, strength, and stamina was my goal for the day. As a chiropractic physician I believe that walking the talk is essential. Often, one of the most important aspects of caring for others is modeled by how I care for myself.

However, today’s activity and the desire to reach for a new personal best would take an unexpected turn for the worst. As life would have it, things don’t always progress with a predictable trajectory. As a workout, cycling delivers enormous benefit. Cycling is an aerobic activity– which means the heart, blood vessels and lungs get a workout. Breathing deeper, perspiring, and increasing body temperature improves overall fitness and endurance. There are however, dangers inherent to this activity. Traffic, gravely roads, wet roads from rain and oil slicks, potholes, parallel cracks, cobbled and brick roads and even road kill keeps the eyes vigilant. However, today none of these played a part in a momentary lack of concentration that sent me flying head first into a slab of concrete. I am embarrassed to report that I somehow have little to no awareness as to how I became entangled with my own bike and within seconds recognized I was falling.

Have you ever felt you were in a slow motion film while in an accident? Well, that is how this felt… until I landed, almost vertical on the crown of my head.

Amazingly enough, the helmet did not shatter! I found myself in a twisted yoga posture without the accompanying relaxed and meditative benefit. In fact, I was in excruciating pain because my hip had moved into an awkward position. It was positioned behind my body while I was resting with my butt on the ground. Suffice to say that after doing a quick check of my overall well-being, I decided to untwist my body, stand up and get right back on the bike. However, I quickly noticed that the road was swaying from side to side and that I had better reassess my condition. I was obviously moderately concussed, as became evident by the following day’s migraine headache.

The days that followed brought increased awareness of hip pain which led me to a visit with an orthopedic surgeon. He promptly suggested a bone scan, x-rays, and blood tests. He was implying that a surgery would be imminent. I suggested that I would give my body more time to adjust and adapt. I decided to search for superfood nutrition that might accelerate recovery and avoiding hip replacement surgery!

And so, that is how my recovery turned to opportunity! I discovered a Long Beach, California company, called Purium. Chiropractic training and years of studying and growing organics, made me realize that this companies high level nutrition products supported my theory: “The body heals from above, down and inside out.” (This is a basic premise inside the Chiropractic and Holistic Health philosophy.)

Purium health products appealed to these original tenants. My life’s training that had given me the knowledge that 100% organic whole foods, which delivered high level nutrients and supported my healing process, was right! Three months after the original x-rays were taken another set of x-rays was suggested by the orthopedic surgeon. Side-by-side evaluation of the two sets of x-rays and a manual examination of range of motion for the hip indicated there would be no need for an operation.

I am grateful to this day for these products and the food philosophy that had become my lifestyle. What started out as a near tragedy, became one of my life’s great opportunities. It is now my wish for everyone that they discover a wholesome approach to family health and well-being… without the need for a bicycle accident.


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