Avoiding Hip Replacement Surgery – Amazing Bicycle Accident Recovery Tale

The day started out the same as any other day here in sunny Florida. I swallowed my Super Aminos 23 plant-based protein, put on the gloves and helmet, checked the tire pressure, dressed in florescent green and black, and turned on the rear blinker. I was off on what I thought was a safe and…

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Diagnosed With Colitis – Why Not Detox?

I believe that each day offers the opportunity to share compassion, wisdom and the empowerment of understanding our body’s need for intelligent and enlightened personal health care. Today this opportunity presented itself to me in the form of a phone call from a woman in Chicago. She had been referred by a client and her…

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Why Are Artificial Sweeteners Bad For You – Answers May Terrify You

why are artificial sweeteners bad for you

Recently, I was asked to present at a local women’s group. I spoke about the long-term effects of artificial sweeteners, (specifically, why are artificial sweeteners bad for you) and the nutritional health issues they may cause for you and your children. Like so many other people, these women are interested in the Million Mom’s Movement…

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Vegan Diet For Athletes – How To Get The Competitive Edge

vegan diet for athletes

It wasn’t that long ago that if someone wrote about a vegan diet for athletes and endurance training, most athletes would have thought it a joke. That is because initially it was true that athletes of any ilk needed meat to get the necessary amount of protein to support rigorous training and competition goals. However,…

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Farm-to-Table-How Locally Grown Food Helps to Create a Healthy Lifestyle

Farm-to-Table has become a lifestyle and “battle-cry” for responsible consumers who are seeking healthy food sources from producers and farmers they can trust. Farm-to-Table also refers to a movement concerned with producing food locally and delivering that food to local consumers, grocery and restaurant communities. The Farm-to-Table Movement  grew out of the 70s and 80s…

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The Million Moms Movement – Making Real Food and Real Health a Priority

million mom movement

“Our goal at Purium is to deliver superior whole-food nutrition, convenience and taste all at affordable prices. Every day.” –Amy Venner As a part of the “Baby-boomer “generation, I grew up in the 50’s. Life was organic and food was…well, really food. Farms had pastures where animals wandered relatively free, families often had gardens and…

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Best Detox Cleanse For New Year – Health & Wellness Tips 2016

detox cleanse smoothie

The holidays are lots of fun but January always rolls around and one must pay the piper. Let’s talk about the best cleanse to detox your body as we start the new year. Best Natural Cleanse Detox Ultimately the best natural cleanse detox is the one you will implement to completion. We should all dedicate…

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Purium 10 Day Transformation Experience – Grow A Culture of Passion

Purium 10 day transformation experience

The Purium 10 Day Transformation experience has prompted thousands of people across the US, Canada and Europe to experience 100 percent organic, non-GMO, whole food superfoods.  Also, because social media and “word of mouth” are clearly the greatest movers and shakers of change, Purium continues to experience exponential growth. Purium 10 Day Transformation Experience While…

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