Eric Worre Keeping It Simple Hit Me Like A Ton Of Bricks

eric worre keeping it simple

A link to this video, Eric Worre Keeping It Simple, about keeping it simple, being one of the keys to most successful network marketing organizations hit me like a ton of bricks this morning when it showed up in my email account!

Here is the video clip Eric Worre Keeping It Simple:

What blew me away was that Purium’s whole marketing concept is built around simplicity.  Our unique gift card marketing system takes all of the weirdness out of the equation…no longer do people have to act like this guy:


This is our system in a nutshell…

Purium Fast Start Video from Purium Health Products on Vimeo.

Can I tell you how easy it is to give someone a gift card?

purium recycable gift card

And it isn’t that you only get so many gift cards (which you actually do only get so many physical cards) but it is easy to create your own gift cards as a business card. Gift card on one side and business card on the other. They are simple to put together either using Vista prints or even just ordering them through Purium’s headquarters (which is, in keeping with this post, the simple solution). The thing about how many cards you get is that they only count as being used when someone actually redeems them. So say you give out 40 cards to 40 friends but only 20 people redeem them, you still have 20 cards available to share. The only way to “use them up” is to have them redeemed.

Purium also has a “give 50 get 50” plan as part of their commission plan. Here is a brief explanation of how that works.

Don’t you just love Hale’s enthusiasm? Now there are only two options, join as a PLC (Preferred Life Customer) or buy as a retail customer. With Purium, membership does have its privileges.

On the gift card note, Purium, staying inline with their “green” philosophy has started producing plantable gift cards. They are created from recycled material with seeds embedded so they can be planted and grow flowers! Purium is also moving to “green” packaging for many of the products that currently come in recycled plastic containers. These new containers will look like Mylar bags but be created from paper and a plant resin that will decompose quickly. The idea is to empty the product into other container to cut down on the trash that is generated on our planet.

purium recycable gift card

So as you can see when I watched the Eric Worre Keeping It Simple video this morning, it hit me that the whole Purium concept is about keeping it simple, helping others and helping our planet. Success happens in any endeavor when we make consistent decision that work toward achieving our goals. It is nice to work with a company that makes it easy to make consistent good decisions.

Eric Worre Keeping It Simple = Purium Marketing Concept

Join us as we transform the world to Look Better * Feel Better * Live Better one person at a time.






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