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the sower and the seed

“Money isn’t everything, but it ranks right up there with oxygen.”
-Zig Ziglar

Jim Rohn, author of Retire in 5, Four Life Lessons, Excelling in the New Millennium and so many other great life and business coaching books, has now created this inspiring audio webinar explaining how utilizing this successful network marketing system can change your life forever. His philosophy is simple and his tone is direct, albeit at times very funny!

Here, at New Path Nutrition, we were all taking notes and having those “ah-ha “moments where you see what is going right…and why. And what is going wrong…and why!

Here are Jim Rohn’s suggestions to help you choose and evaluate a network marketing company.

1 – The products are ones you can identify with and want to use. At New Path Nutrition we are all passionate about Purium organic whole food products and have personally all had great experiences using them. The Million Moms Movement was born out of this very purposeful desire to be part of the ‘Real Food Revolution,’ and protect our family and community. Our loyalty is secure and our bodies are happy for our decision.

2 – The health and wellness industry is hands-down the fastest growing industry, with weight loss being a close second. The Purium leaders inside of the network marketing industry is dominated by  the many women inside the Million Moms Movement that were born out of a passionate and purposeful willingness to share and promote a greater good in their respective community and help women to create another revenue stream from home. (Knowing this, it is easy to see why Purium products have so much juice in the market place.)

3 – If you share a unique product with your own story you will sign people up. People want to hear and see testimonials. They want to know your story…and tell you theirs. Be a product of the product, then listen, offer a solution to their problem and sign them up.

Rohn goes on to explain that after you have the right company, adopting the right philosophy is the next step towards prosperity and personal freedom. He makes the following points as he teaches this easy to follow and easy to implement network marketing system and philosophy.

• Profits are better than wages. Wages make you a living…profits make you a fortune.

• Work part-time on your fortune and full time on your job…but, you are going to change that!

• Set Goals: In one year, make twice as much money part-time working on your fortune as you did full time on your job.

• Attract attention to yourself: The magic and attraction of part-time work that can create a fortune, really attracts attention and makes others want to follow your lead. Don’t be afraid to tell your story and share your success…it isn’t bragging if it is true…and anyway, there is nothing wrong with a little bragging!

• It’s not what happens that determines your life’s future…It is what you do about what happens that determines your future. Following his techniques you will learn how to correct the errors and start to experience the winning difference. But you must want to and you must know you can change. Here Rohn reminds us that it is not the blowing of the wind, but the set of the sail that determines whether or not you reach your destination.

• Life is Opportunity mixed with Difficulty. Don’t let setbacks or others stop you from achieving your goals.

• Take responsibility. If you want things to change in your life and your finances, you have to change.

• Don’t wish it was easier, wish you were better. This is exactly why having access to coaching is an important aspect of developing a great network marketing system and business.

• Don’t wish for less problems, wish for more skills. Again, coaching makes a big difference. Here at New Path Nutrition, we are here to help coach and facilitate change.

• Don’t wish for less challenges, but for more wisdom. Learn from challenges and mistakes. Find new ways to deal with difficulty and look at failures as just an opportunity to get it right next time.

• You can do the most remarkable things no matter what happens. If you believe in yourself, you are already half way to your goal.

Jim goes on to explain two other important parts of his network marketing system philosophy:

The Law of Averages

You don’t have to bat a thousand to make big money. 3 out of 10 will make you rich beyond your belief. The law of averages can be increased, as you get better at marketing your averages increase. That is why coaching is so important. That is why we encourage our team members to read and watch these trainings and come to company calls and events. The law of averages can be increased. As you get better, so do the averages.

The Law of Sowing and Reaping

Rohn explains that the story of the sower is ancient knowledge and comes from the Bible. The story begins by stating:

• The sower is ambitious and works hard all day
• The sower has excellent seed

The sower is ambitiously sowing his seed, but at first the birds get some of the seed. He likens this to the people who try to steal our dreams with their negative attitudes. They say things like, “Oh, Network Marketing is a scam.” Or, “Get a real job.”

Jim explains that you can either chase these birds and try to make them stop being birds or you can just accept what they are and say to yourself, “Isn’t that interesting!” Also note that if you go chasing birds you may leave the field, and you can’t make money or plants grow if you aren’t there to tend it.

• Now some of the seed will fall on rocky ground where the soil is shallow. This time, the seed starts to grow, but after the first hot day it withers and dies. Don’t spend too much time wondering about the people who get started and then just wither away. Just say, “Isn’t that interesting?!” (No matter how great the idea (the seed) some just don’t stay.)
• The sower keeps sowing and learns to discipline his disappointment. The seed falls on thorny ground. Now the seed starts to grow again, but the thorns choke it to death and it dies. Here thorns can be likened to little cares, little distractions, little things that eat up all our time. People let little things keep them from big opportunities. Don’t let little things and little tasks keep you from living your life.
• The sower keeps sowing and finally the seed falls on good ground. If you keep sowing and trying new fields, eventually you will find good ground. Some of the good ground will yield 30% of the crop. Some 60% and some 100%. Why? Jim says, “Who cares?” Just don’t go there! It is just the way it is.”

Rohn goes on to suggest that although the sowing of seed is important and necessary, it is tending to your garden of recruits that will eventually pay off big. He says, “Nourish like a mother, protect like a father.” This philosophy is his secret to wealth. You can directly and indirectly influence the life of thousands, hundreds, or a few…You will reap what you sow.

Great coaches and business leaders know that success comes when you find a way to serve the many and service of the many leads to greatness. The difference is not the product or the ambition…it is the service. It is the number one reason why we shop at favorite stores, or eat at favorite restaurants, or stay loyal to favorite products. If you help enough people get what they want, you can get everything you want.

However, it is also important you understand the difference between helping others and doing the heavy lifting for them. You can help a thousand, but you can’t carry three on your back. As a recruiter and network marketing professional, you teach your team to try their legs, their wings, their voice. Help those who work hard and reach up for help…but, don’t try to carry everyone.

To summarize his training, Rohn reminds us that it isn’t our money that buys our future, it is our skills. He goes on to say that the greatest value in life is not a bank account or a home or a car…it is living a good life. He further describes the Good Life as a productive life, filled with good friends, great experiences, and a strong sense of spirituality. Remember always that God is part of your inner circle…and use some of your new found wealth to further help others.

Jim Rohn Building Your Network Marketing Business Audiobook

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