What Is The Most Effective Exercise For Weight Loss?

most effective exercise for weight loss

Ultimately the most effective exercise for weight loss is the one  you will stick with. However, some exercises are more effective than others. Good nutrition and proper exercise will produce weight loss results.

Things to consider when looking for the most effective exercise for weight loss

When it comes to exercise and weight loss more it not necessarily better. As healthline shows here:

When it comes to having too much of a good thing, exercise is a prime example.

Two recent studies have shed light on the impact of over-exercising, encouraging seasoned athletes and casual enthusiasts alike to take it easy. The first, from the University of Utah in Salt Lake City, has identified the biochemical reactions that cause muscle pain and fatigue when you work out.

And the second, from Loyola University Medical Center in Maywood, Ill., shows that wealthier, young athletes with who play specialized sports can experience more overuse injuries than their lower-income peers.

While the mantra of “no pain, no gain,” is a motivator for some, it can be dangerous when taken to the extreme.

Pitfalls of not choosing the most effective exercise for weight loss

Sometimes when we start a weight loss program we think that we need to hit the gym hard and heavy. While studies do show that exercise has a lot of benefits, over exercising can actually be harmful. Keep these things in mind when deciding on the most effective exercise for weight loss for your personal journey.

  • The physical and mental health consequences of over-exercising can include depression, insomnia, bone fractures and arthritis.
  • Behaviors include exercising through illness or injury; exercising for more than two hours a day, most days of the week; and excessive exercising coupled with an additional body-image issue
  • Treatment should address physical and mental health concerns. If you suspect someone you know is suffering from over-exercising, managers at your gym facility or a physician can refer you to a specialist who can help with mental health or body image issues.

Stress, Exercise & Weight loss

When you work your muscles to fatigue it causes stress in your body. Stress in your body produces cortisal as Maxworkout describes in their article Why Doing To Much Can Keep You Fat.

As much as exercise and being active is good for your body, it does have it’s down side when your body can’t recover enough.  Exercise is a stressor and so your body produces cortisol (a stress hormone) as a result.  This is completely normal and in fact very important, without cortisol you couldn’t workout at all.  It’s what drives your body to produce the power needed to exercise.  However, your cortisol hormone is meant to be produced in short spurts and not for long periods of time. When your body is exposed to cortisol for longer than normal periods, it starts to produce negative effects.

Too much cortisol production can have serious health consequences and stubborn fat is just one of many negative effects it can have on your body.  Although we’re talking specifically about exercising, which is a physical stressor, prolonged mental stressors can also trigger the same negative effects.  If you’re constantly stressed at work or you have a stressful personal life, your body will produce cortisol just like when you’re exercising.  Keep in mind that with exercise when you’re done, your body simply stops producing cortisol, but mental stressors are much more difficult to simply stop.  This is why mental stressors can often times be more damaging to your body than any physical stressors.

Keeping these things in mind, let’s look at what is the most effective exercise for weight loss


When it comes to the best exercise for weight loss, I don’t anything can beat walking. Walking can be done any where. Just thirty minutes of walking a day clears and stimulates your brain. It also builds muscle and increases circulation so it helps  your heart. You don’t need a bunch of fancy equipment. All you really need is a pair of sturdy shoes. Age and physical shape aren’t factors either. Simply start out slow and work up to the pace and distance you are aiming for.


Swimming can also be a good exercise for weight loss. Understanding the basics of swimming, a pool (or other body of water) are required though.


Another relaxing, effective exercise for weight loss, yoga, can be practiced most places and also requires no real equipment. Well, perhaps clothes that aren’t binding would be a good idea. Like walking, yoga allows you to start slow and build up. You do need to know some basics to do yoga correctly and get the best results.


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