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“When an inner situation is not made conscious, it appears outside as fate.”

-Carl Jung

Conscious Food

Like many of you, the New Path Nutrition Team is populated with lifelong students. So, when we started to write our mission statement we drew on all the fields of knowledge that most deeply resonated with our philosophy. That philosophy could be summed up as what we feed our bodies…physically, intellectually and spiritually will greatly determine what our “fate” will be.

Understanding the impact of different foods has upon our bodies is essential to our mission. Ancient peoples made food choices based on observation. If people or animals eat certain foods they thrive…if they eat other foods they become sick or perish. Modern man explains these observations through science. This science is called phytochemistry.

For me and the members of New Path Nutrition it seems that the contemporary marriage between Phytochemistry and Naturopathy is the perfect platform to explain our mission.

Naturopathy is the idea that if properly fed and cared for, our bodies can and will heal themselves. This means we have to exercise, eat foods that provide real nutrition and look to the properties of herbs for healing solutions.

It therefore becomes important that we make conscious decisions around the food we eat and the exercise we do. Think of it as a bank account. It is as if our body’s cells have an accounting system that either shows a positive balance…or a negative balance. If we are eating the right foods and doing the right exercises our cells…our bodies thrive. If we eat foods depleted of real nutrients or loaded with chemicals and toxins, we will eventually bankrupt our cellular structure and suffer the consequences of poor health.

Our mission at New Path Nutrition is to help others to transform their health and enjoy the prosperity of wellness. Inspired by David Sandoval, one of Ann Wigmore’s most beloved students,  it has been our  passion to help people feel better, live longer, and increase their quality of life with the aid of whole foods.  Sandoval studied under the tutelage of the famous wheatgrass pioneer Ann Wigmore and has since become a pioneer in the art of complimentary whole food superfood formulations.

We will help you discover what it truly feels like to live a healthy, wealthy life. Our philosophy is simple and is based on real science…and good accounting practices! We must eat whole, organic, non-Gmo foods and superfoods if we are going to enjoy the riches of a healthy lifestyle. This lifestyle transformation is not complicated…and we are here to help you every step of the way.
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