Purium Core3 Review – Setting A New Standard In Nutrition

Thirty seven years in the chiropractic profession with a focus on nutrition has led me to conclude that the highest standard in nutrition is now required to counter the many contaminants in our air, food, and water. The Purium Core3 products have met this standard.

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Effects Of Intermittent Fasting Mental Health

intermittent fasting mental health

Physical appearance has become a very important aspect of everyday life. In this contemporary society, it is essential that one keep in shape. We all need to appear aesthetically pleasing in order to attract different people. This, however,  can be a rather complex task. Instead of eating healthy foods and maintaining a healthy lifestyle, the…

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What Is The Most Effective Exercise For Weight Loss?

most effective exercise for weight loss

Ultimately the most effective exercise for weight loss is the one  you will stick with. However, some exercises are more effective than others. Good nutrition and proper exercise will produce weight loss results. Things to consider when looking for the most effective exercise for weight loss When it comes to exercise and weight loss more…

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Foods To Avoid For Fibromyalgia Eat These For Relief

foods to avoid for fibromyalgia

Feeling fatigued and living each day with unrelenting muscle pain? Then you will want to know about what foods to avoid for fibromyalgia. This article will offer solutions for how to design a diet with foods that work for you and resources that will enhance the quality of your life.

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Best All Natural Cure For Gout – Affordable Too!

natural cure for gout

Finding an all natural cure for gout was high on my list of things to do when the horrible symptoms showed up in the middle of this night several years ago. If you have never experienced the stabbing, aching pain of gout, count yourself among the fortunate.

After applying these four natural cures, I’ve been pain free for over two years! And the best part is three of them are free and the fourth is very affordable even for those on a tight budget.

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Gluten Sensitivity Diet Plan – Sustainable Health In Good Taste

gluten sensitivity diet plan

Are you concerned whether a gluten sensitivity diet plan would have you eating multi-grain crackers that taste like cardboard? If you are tired of suffering with a lack of energy, sluggish digestion, nausea, bloating, and untimely stomach upset then consider these foods and superfoods.

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Top Gluten Free Foods – Can Big Food Manufacturers Be Trusted?

top gluten free foods

The top gluten free foods in the marketplace may not be those most often suggested by regulatory agencies or clinics proposing dietary guidelines. You may find, instead,that respected gluten free organizations like the Gluten Free Watchdog may be more reliable.

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Foods Shrinking Fibroids – Wellness Professionals Agree

foods shrinking fibroids

If you are wondering whether there is any hope that you will find an answer for how to manage uterine fibroids then consider this piece of advice regarding your diet. The food you eat does make a difference. Your menstrual cycles will become easier and your overall health will improve dramatically.

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Power Shake Helps You Power Up!

detox cleanse smoothie

I love to start my day with the Apple Berry Power Shake. It is quick, easy and really helps me power up! The Power Shake is one of the cornerstone items of the Purium Health Products line. I know that green shakes are not a new idea, but these green shakes taste great, are easy…

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Natural Remedies for Rheumatoid Arthritis

natural remedies for rheumatoid arthritis

When it comes to natural remedies for rheumatoid arthritis, the most important aspects have to do with diet and exercise. This crippling disease that has no cure, can be managed if you understand some fundamentals about how the disease works.

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