Purium Enrollment Options How To Explain The Purium Join Options

Dr. Mike explains the Purium enrollment options and how to explain to others the Purium join options in this short informative video at the end of this quick article.

The key to optimizing the money you earn inside the Purium company is learning how to communicate the Purium join options for new members considering the 10 Day Transformation. Understanding which products come in each of the Purium enrollment options is crucial.

Every business requires that we understand how to share our products in a way that helps your customers get the results they are seeking and to begin their businesses on the right foot. Understanding how to communicate the Purium enrollment options will help your business to grow faster and will help your partners grow their businesses faster too.

Dr. Mike’s years of experience in the Network marketing and health industry has guided the way he has learned the details associated with the process of introducing someone into the Purium Company and products as well as the Network Marketing business. Knowing how to step by step orient someone is the first part of training your new customer or business builder. One of the tenants of building a network marketing business is that your people will do what you did. So introducing your new partners properly will give them a solid foundation to train those that come after.

The Purium Company offers the following options for entry:

  • The standard 10 Day Transformation – which includes enough product for your 10 Day Cleanse
  • The Gold Pack
  • The Platinum Pack
  • The Launch Pack

The Gold, Platinum and Launch Packs contain enough additional product to carry you through the entire month of Continuation or Maintenance of your fitness goals.  They also include additional Gift Cards to help you discount your product to zero and or to create an additional revenue stream.



Here is the link to the Tear sheet Dr. Mike refers to in the video so that you can follow along as he explains how to introduce others to the Purium Enrollment options.

Contact Dr. Mike if you have any questions or need someone to help you introduce your potential clients and partners to the Purium products or opportunity.

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