The Purium Lifestyle Club – Membership Has Its Privileges

The Purium Lifestyle Club (PLC) is a group of concerned and conscious individuals and families that want to create change within their lives and their communities. They are both international and local people who also advocate for access to real health and real health education.

As a member of the Purium Lifestyle Club you will have access to all the benefits of being a Purium member, which includes the opportunity to meet with other like minded individuals to share information and solutions to your personal or community’s needs.

PLC gets you access to an array of professionals who have developed their lives and their careers around health and wellness. We welcome your personal and professional expertise and will gladly meet with you and your community to create a lifestyle that fits your individual needs and concerns.Along with free consultations, you will receive a 30% discount on all Purium products as well as save on shipping and handling!

Also, as a PLC member, you will receive updates of events that will offer opportunities for further personal and professional growth as you meet and study with some of our industries best minds.

Together, as Purium Lifestyle Club members, we will create a healthier world and diet for ourselves and for generations to come. Together, we can make a difference.

Whether you are interested in building a business around the health industry (one of the most lucrative industries to be in as everyone wants to feel better, look better and live better, right?) or you simply want to use the products to stall the aging process yourself, being a Purium Lifestyle Club member does have its privileges.

As a part of the Purium community you are joining in with many others who want to reclaim our health through our food supply. Purium stands behind the Million Mom Movement and we at New Path Nutrition support Moms Across America – a group that is dedicated to connecting  Moms across America and around the world who want GMO labeling and a GMO Free world.

Take a stand today, join us, together we can change the course of history, one bite at a time.

Let’s chat! Schedule some time with us today, simply fill out this short form (you won’t be added to any lists) and let us know when is a good time to talk, what your number is and your time zone (and where in the world you live)

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About The Author


Dr. Michael Fleischer, author of the book "GMO Free Food, How The Modern Food Supply Puts Our Health At Risk", now puts emphasis on what your choice of nutrient dense food - superfoods will do to change your life. He offers a free consultation to anyone seeking to lose weight, build muscle and reclaim their health with nutrient dense real foods. Schedule your appointment today by contacting us today.