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Purium 10 Day Athletes Transformation

This month’s choices will determine next month’s body! Choose wisely.
–Dr. Michael Fleischer

Athletes Transformation… I think the name of the pack says it all. The Purium 10 Day Athletes Transformation will supercharge your fitness results and give you the competitive edge you deserve. If you are a Vegan you will find an option here as well.  A Vegan diet for athletes can be challenging but Purium offers a plant based protein that complements other of the products. The Purium protocol was designed to get you fit faster by helping you burn fat, build lean muscle, reduce soreness and damage while creating sustained energy levels.

10 day athletes transformation

The Athlete’s Transformation works by flushing out toxins, cellular waste and fat deposits while building healthy lean muscles. You will become more fit, more toned and vibrant with less muscle pain and greater endurance. This pack is for both amateur and professional athletes across the spectra…yoga practitioners, golfers, tennis players, MMA fighters, Crossfit trainers, runners and surfers. The Athlete’s Transformation was formulated by David Sandoval for celebrity athletes and the Hollywood crowd who desired peak performance and health as well as continued physical good looks and perfection. It is now available to all who want to create a body that will serve them well for decades to come.

What is Puriums 10 Day Athletes Transformation

The Athlete’s Transformation includes the Super Meal L.O.V. / Vanilla Chai (clean and pure nutrition), Super Amino 23 (highly available vegetable protein), Super Life Formula (pure endurance), Super Xanthin (great for recovery), as well as a Shaker Bottle (BPA-Free), Tape Measure and Gym Bag. The Athlete’s Transformation Pack is your new workout partner and will boost your results as it facilitates strength building and endurance…all without the use of drugs or steroids. These products are not only clean (and we all know how hard that is to find in the fitness workout world) but, they produce sustainable and proven results.

So let me break these products down further.

Core Nutrition: Power Shake— Burns fat, builds muscle, increases energy and endurance. It`s the perfect workout food! Also Power Shake helps support healthy glucose levels, curbs appetite and cravings while providing a workout meal high in nutrients, vitamins and minerals. The Power Shake is central to a basic nutritional package called the Purium Core3. This Purium Core3 Review details the importance of this lifestyle supported by this group of products.
Muscle Building: Super Amino 23—A pre-digested 100% vegetarian protein that has been featured in the Physician`s Desk Reference (MAAP) and is comprised of non-soy legumes. This formulation of protein is available to your body in just 23 minutes!
Energy: Bee Energetic—Can increase energy, strength, endurance, circulation, mental clarity and vitality. May help balance the adrenal system and contains Spirulina–one of nature’s most nutrient dense high protein foods.

Reaction Time: Revive-It-All—Contains two important ingredients, proven to help increase vigor and energy,: Acetyl L-Carnitine and Alpha Lipoic Acid. To those we have added Ginkgo Biloba and Glisodin, an antioxidant with anti-aging properties that improve circulation and memory. Revive-It-All helps you feel mentally and physically on your game.

Hormone Balance: Super Life Formula— This awesome combination contains a variety of herbs and plant extracts that have been proven to help increase muscle mass, normalize hormone levels, build endurance, speed muscle recovery, and increase libido. It supercharges your mood, your body, your life!

Recovery: Super Xanthin— Say good-bye to lactic acid and improve your recovery time. Super Xanthin was formulated to help protect muscle tissue from damage, combat free-radicals, provide some protection for the skin from UVA and is also one of nature’s best anti-oxidants…and because it is 550 times stronger than vitamin E. it improves your eye health too. Repair: Joint-Flex —Whether you are a weekend warrior or a professional athlete, your joints need support. This product offers response to inflammation and pain signals, helps to stimulate the rebuilding of connective tissues and promotes increased mobility and flexibility.

Rehydration: Ionic Elements—Complete electrolytes formula to promote proper hydration, restful sleep, increase alkalinity and prevent mineral deficiencies. (BTW, the leading sports drink has 2 electrolytes. Ours has 70!)

It is easy to see that you can  power your performance with purity you can trust! No artificial colors, no artificial flavors, no artificial sweeteners, no steroids, no GMOs, no gluten, no soy.

David Sandoval, one of the owners of Purium Products has been working as an athletic trainer and health coach for decades and he has formulated the Athletes Transformation with you, the Athlete, in mind. Each 10 Days Transition Pack gives you the super charged whole organic foods to support your body and sustain maximum health while you train. The instructions included in the Athletes Transformation Pack also lists the “flex foods” that you can…and should, eat every day. This list includes most organic fresh fruits and vegetables, quinoa, wild-caught salmon, free-range chicken and eggs. You will never be hungry following this protocol and you will start to see amazing results in just a few days! The Purium Company is so sure of the results that it also comes with a 60-Day Money Back Guarantee!

Here is an example of a daily Food Schedule when following the Athletes Transformation…you can adjust the times to suit your workout and schedule.

7 am – 5 Master Amino tablets / 2 Super Xanthin capsules / 18 oz of room temp water
9 am – 1 serving Super Meal + water / 3 Super Life Formula capsules
11 am – 5 Master Amino tablets / 2 Super Xanthin capsules / 18 oz of room temp water
1 pm – 1 serving Super Meal + water / 3 Super Life Formula capsules
3 pm – 5 Master Amino tablets / 2 Super Xanthin capsules / 18 oz of room temp water
5 pm – 1 serving Super Meal + water / 3 Super Life Formula capsules
7 pm – Choose a meal option from the list of flex foods.

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For those who want to do the Athletes Transformation and then a continuation program, we can help you design a package perfect for your specific needs. Some athletes prefer to start with a 10 Day Transformation cleanse and then continue with the Athletes Transformation. Dr. Mike and our staff of wellness coaches can help you tailor a program designed to get you the results you want. Schedule your consultation with Dr. Mike today or if take these products for test drive using a $50 Gift Card to get you started.

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