Robert Kiyosaki Stand Up and Fight!

“Stop being bullied”~Robert Kiyosaki

Sounds like kind of funny words coming from renowned author and business expert Robert Kiyosaki, yet that is exactly what his message is all about. Take back your life. Stop allowing others to dictate how you live and what you can achieve.

Robert Kiyosaki suggests that leaders first lead themselves so that they many then lead others!

We are all trained early on to be satisfied with a job. Even as a self employed individual (the most dangerous situation in terms of being the target for most discrimination from the government) one is trading time for money.

Robert Kiyosaki’s famous quadrant: where on the left is employment by a company and self employment and on the right is big business and investment lays out clearly the need to move beyond the starting and ending place of most people trying to keep a roof over their heads and food in their belly.

It is a scary thing to step out and start a business in an environment where 90% of start ups fail in the first five years. When one considers the amount of money needed to start most franchises, even a franchise isn’t a guarantee of success, and the time and energy required to get it off the ground, not too mention the legal work that needs to be done to protect you and any assets you have on the line, it is almost more than most of us could wrap our heads around let alone consider as a viable alternative to a job.

Yet, how many of us wake up each day thinking we have to do something different, make some change because living in the gerbil wheel isn’t really life at all. After all isn’t the definition of insanity doing the same things over and over yet expecting different results?

Consider this about what Robert Kiyosaki says about network marketing:

Most Americans get up and go to a job, sometimes an hour or more away,  in a car they are making payments on leaving a house that they don’t really own in clothes that cost way too much to earn money to pay for the car and the house and the clothes.  So basically they are working to pay for the privilege of working. Most moms out there in the work force don’t even realize that working costs them more money than they make if you take into account child care, meals, clothing, the need for a separate car and insurance and the taxes they pay for being in a higher tax bracket because of the additional income! They are paying for the opportunity to miss their kid’s childhood. Very sad state of affairs.

What can we do to change that? Do you care to move from the job/employment quadrant to the big business/investment quadrant, where our money is working for us?

Mr. Kiyosaki says, network marketing is the easiest way to get the training one needs to move from job to self employed to big business to investment. It isn’t for everyone, but if you are ready to say, “enough to being bullied” and want to fight for a life of choices then you might want to take a closer look at what self employment in the network marketing area has to offer.

Not only are there tax benefits to having your own business, but you will learn how to make a living helping other people step up out of the job that has them trapped… to a life of choices too. It does take a certain amount of initiative and hardness to be able to withstand those around you that would hold you back, however, once you have escaped the job,  you will never look back.

Listen to this very candid interview with Robert Kiyosaki.

The advantages that a network marketing opportunity has over other self employment options are:

  • Your participation does not require large start up costs (usually less than $500.00)
  • typically provides training and support
  • The company has taken care of the legal aspects
  • You can start out part time
  • You can move at your own pace
  • You can work around your family
  • There are tax advantage
  • You chose who you work with

the rise of the entrepreneurAre you wondering if you have what it takes? We have a movie that we would love to share with you that goes over the basics of self employment while building a leveraged ‘entrepreneurial’ business and it is called “The Rise of The Entrepreneur”. If you are serious about exploring  your options, you will want to watch this film. It is our gift to you, but we do need to know how to send it to you.  Message us through this contact form and be sure to include your phone number. We do pay for this movie for you to watch for free and want to be sure that we have the correct information before we purchase the license for you.


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