Vegan Diet For Athletes – How To Get The Competitive Edge

vegan diet for athletes

It wasn’t that long ago that if someone wrote about a vegan diet for athletes and endurance training, most athletes would have thought it a joke. That is because initially it was true that athletes of any ilk needed meat to get the necessary amount of protein to support rigorous training and competition goals. However, today we know that the list of available vegan proteins (plant based proteins) has been enhanced with patented *Super Amino 23 ™. This new knowledge and product has given a competitive edge to athletes across all spectra’s.

According to the Physician’s Desk Reference, Super Amino 23 ™ aids in muscle metabolism as it protects muscles…including the heart! In its clinical trials it was discovered to:

  • Aid in the synthesis of protein
  • Stabilize athletes endurance and muscle strength as their training progressively moves forward
  • Firm up body tissue
  • Reduce body fat percentages and support maximum performance as well as possible weight loss goals

So what is Super Amino 23 ™ and what does it have to do with a Vegan diet for athletes?

Super Amino 23 ™ is a predigested vegetable protein that is 400% – 500% more nutritionally effective than isolates from soy or whey casein. “Pre-digested” means Super Amino 23 ™ does not enter the intestines but is absorbed directly into the lymphatic system. Hence, Super Amino 23 ™ produces no fecal residue. (I’m sure long distance runners, cyclists and swimmers can greatly appreciate that fact!)

As a pre-digested protein, it is available to the body within 23 minutes of ingestion. That is the fastest Net Nitrogen Utilization with the highest percentage of protein uptake (99%) of any protein and it generates no burden on your Renal or GI systems. The catabolic waste from the digestion of common dietary proteins like meat, eggs, poultry and fish averages 68% WASTE! This may be the best reason of all to try the 10 Day Athletes Transformation for Vegans.

There have been 8 years of field trials and 18 years of clinical trials on the Super Amino 23 ™. The trials included people whose stomach had been removed because of cancer, elderly patients suffering from muscle wasting caused by age and illnesses such as Parkinson’s, and healthy individual who were looking for a lean vegan protein source. It is also used by the Vatican, through the Caritas Foundation, as an effective way to treat malnutrition in developing nations. It is safe, it is natural and it works!

* Super Amino 23 ™ is also protected by 27 international patents and available in North America under US Patent no. 5,132, 113

As Health/Wellness coaches who work with a variety of people who have very specialized goals, we have looked at and analyzed a wide array of products. The Purium 10 Day Athletes Transformation as part of a Vegan diet for Athletes includes the Super Amino product. This is among the best we have seen. It is the perfect all-natural way to build muscle mass and maximize strength and endurance while minimizing recovery time. Again, that is why it is used for so many different purposes: as nutrition for people who need more and better protein, as part of a weight control program, as part of strength building, and as a muscle mass enhancement. Take a look at this video.

The quick uptake allows L-carnitine to stimulate cellular metabolism and acetyl-L-carnitine to increase energy production in the power plants of our cells…the mitochondria. As a result this boosts physical and mental energy.
Competitive athletes and trainers who have discovered this amazing vegan protein, are now using Super Amino 23 ™ to produce lean muscle mass, quickly increase muscle tone and improve recovery time from workouts. Super Amino 23 ™ encourages muscles to become functionally stronger which translates into greater endurance, power and mass. Even better, the created muscle is lean, functional muscle that is NOT bloated…a creatinine problem many athletes encountered when ingesting larger quantities of meat proteins.

So, as a curious and savvy individual who practices health/wellness protocols and understands the correlation between optimal fitness and optimal health, why are you just finding out about Super Amino 23 ™ now? A Vegan diet for athletes takes discipline but protein will not be your problem. The following video will be all you need to understand this protein source.

Why doesn’t the entire Fitness Industry know about this?

Well, quite simply, Super Amino 23 ™ was a product of the medical community for 32 years and has only recently found its way to the general population. Wellness professionals, trainers, yoga teachers, and health coaches all want the best for their clients and are all seeking an alternative that offers a second healthy income stream. (No prescription necessary.) Also, as more and more people realize the benefits that come from eating a vegetarian or vegan diet the greater the search for these “designer” products has been.

vegan diet for athletesActually, it is now quite common for competitive athletes to try a vegan diet. However, it has been just as common for them to revert back to consuming animal products. Why? Quite simply, not enough of them knew about Super Amino 23.™ Until the advent and availability of this great protein source, many athletes found that when they tried a vegan diet they suffered from lowered energy. Why? Without sufficient dietary protein, when carbohydrates are consumed they will quickly enter the bloodstream. This causes insulin levels to spike (rise quickly) and then a short time later to quickly crash (decline). Easily digestible vegan protein, like Super Amino 23™ will complement the carbohydrate, allowing it to enter the bloodstream at a steady rate. This also delays the onset of hunger and it sustains higher levels of energy. Win-Win!

If you are looking for a competitive edge, switching to a vegan diet for athletes should be on your radar. However, make sure you go about it the right way the first time. As Health/Wellness coaches we are here to provide you with accurate information and access to the best products available. The rewards are worth the perseverance…as is the sport. Many athletes who have worked with us to properly adopt a vegan diet have noticed significantly improved recovery rate. Obviously, if you can recover faster you can train more…and the more you train, the quicker you see improvement. We are not saying that more training is necessarily better, but we are saying that faster recovery during training is important.

Let us work with you and especially if you are wanting to learn more about a Vegan diet for athletes. To find out more about Super Amino 23 ™ and a wide array of other GMO free and Organic Vegan products with protocols that really work, fill in the contact information below. We are on your team and want to see you gain the health you deserve and the competitive edge you train for!
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