What Successful Gym Owners Know About Medifast Diet Products

medifast for gym owners

A friend who promotes Medifast or Take Shape For Life (TSFL) products recently asked me for help in understanding what successful gym owners need to know about Medifast diet products. They knew I was building a great team with Purium products. They also know that coaching my team was more than just giving “sales advice.” I was of course curious about both the request and the comparison between Medifast and Purium.

But, I am ahead of myself. For me coaching is an extension of teaching. Furthermore, I believe that in so many ways, most of us are coaches. Regardless of formal educations, we have all been trained by the University of Life.  Although this may not provide a diploma, it does provide the ability to understand and interpret the pathways of experience. To know when we need to ask for help.

We applaud the Coaches

We choose to pursue paths that resonate with our developing belief systems.  To reach out and help others as they walk similar paths. At New Path Nutrition we applaud coaches and givers. We encourage you to research and develop new and higher level skills. At New Path Nutrition our coaching team works diligently to help members get the training and professional development necessary to understand and run successful businesses. Our goal is to fine tune their health decisions to meet their individual goals.  But, that is just a starting point for our Purium Health Products team. The endpoint is creating a platform of knowledge and health options that will help members to maximize their efforts and achieve their goals.

As both an educator and a Certified Life Coach, I was interested in taking on this challenge. What I found out was both interesting and validating. According to the Journal of the American Medical Association (JAMA), America is a very sick country. Nearly 39% or 79 million people in America are obese or morbidly obese. This seems shocking until you start looking around at the grocery store, malls, theaters and schools. Obesity is becoming commonplace. But, why?

You could argue the “couch potato” theory that the use of technology has created a way to stay connected, play with and or share time with others without ever having to get up off of the couch. This of course would mean fewer calories are burned.  So people experience weight gain. I am sure there is plenty of research to promote that theory. But, I think that is but part of the picture, not the whole picture.


What Successful Gym Owners Know…

The whole picture would, of course, have to include diet. This is where the Purium coaches and products have proven to be on higher ground then any health shake or meal replacement on the market today. Let me explain. First and foremost, the Purium product line is transparent. But, not invisible! Unlike Medifast and so many other meal replacement programs, Purium lists all there ingredients on the web page. This allows the consumer to see exactly what they are ordering.

Purium products are all Organic and GMO free.  Many are also vegan. What difference does that make? For a synopsis of that answer read the free booklet, “GMO Free Food—How the Modern Food Supply Puts Our Health at Risk”, that Dr. Michael Fleischer and I wrote. This book will summarize what the processed foods industry has been allowed to do that has adulterated our food supply. But, even beyond this book, we work with each customer and member to understand not only the importance of the “You are what you eat” theory of life.  You will also learn how to create a business that will not only start paying you today. And has the potential to pay you for many, many years to come.

Comparing Medifast Diet Plan With Purium

When I started comparing the Medifast diet plan with the Purium 10 Day Transformation, I saw how the vision of David Sandoval and Amy Venner worked to allow independent business owners (IBO’s) to develop a business strategy that honors the independent goals of each member. If you have never experienced residual income or performance bonus checks, you are going to be amazed. You can quickly build a reliable income that will meet your financial dreams and aspirations.

At Medifast, the comp plan and business coaching is summarized on their web-page as:

  • Personal guide towards your health journey
  • Someone who will celebrate your successes
  • A mentor if you choose to be part of their mission

Actually, each of these points is basically the same point. With the Medifast diet plan or Take Shape For Life (TSFL), you will get internet access to a coach who will help you set personal goals. The will “celebrate” your accomplishments, if you achieve success. This  is what they consider mentoring. That is great.  But ask yourself, why are their members so confused when it comes to understanding how they earn an income working as an independent business owner for Medifast. The answer to that question is where Medifast and so many other Direct Marketing companies fall short. It is however, where Purium succeeds

Achieving Financial Goals

At Purium and New Path Nutrition we do those things listed above. We also spend real time with each business partner to make sure they have both the emotional, intellectual and physical support necessary to build a business. So that will not only meet their health goals, but their financial goals too.

At Purium and New Path Nutrition, we understand that this is a team effort and that your success becomes my success. Anyone who wants to learn this business and these health and fitness protocols is going to get our undivided attention and help. We will help you help your customers with personal consulting as well as company supplied tools designed to help your customers get the results they are looking to achieve, whether it is weight loss, maintenance or body building and fitness.

Let’s take a moment as we close out this look at what successful gym owners know about the Medifast diet plan. To consider what makes up each of the products.

Here is the ingredient list of just one Medifast diet products: Chilltime™ Theanine Supplement Gum

Ingredients: Isomalt, gum base, maltitol, sorbitol, xylitol, natural and artificial flavors, magnesium stearate, silicon dioxide, stevia extract, modified food starch, titanium dioxide, confectioner glaze, carnauba wax, BHA/BHT to maintain freshness.

medifast for gym ownersHere is the ingredient list for Purium’s Power Shake:

Ingredients: Organic Activated Barley, Organic Wheat Grass, Organic Oat Grass, Organic Alfalfa, Spirulina, Lo Han Guo natural sweetener) and Rice solubles with Omega-3, Omega-6 and phytonutrients.

As anyone could appreciate, there is a BIG difference in the food “chemistry” of these two companies’ products. The Medifast diet plan products are basically “manufactured foodstuffs”. Whereas the Purium products are all whole organic, superfoods. When this is coupled with an online coach (Medifast) that may or may not be able to answer basic questions compared to a proactive, professional coach that can explain and explore issues with you (Purium) it is easy to see which company offers the better products and the better support system.

Why Chose New Path Nutrition’s Alternative

At New Path Nutrition we are committed to helping team members to realize health and professional goals through a variety of support systems. (i.e. Online, Face to Face and 3-Way calls, Meetings and Events) There are also nightly calls from the owners and those business leaders who already know what gym owners, holistic coaches, nutrition coaches, chiropractors and massage therapist need to know about building a business based on high quality products that meet their clients needs.

The Purium website and the New Path Nutrition website have English and Spanish video’s to help everyone understand and use recruiting tools, pay plans and health concepts. Our Professional Coaching staff is available, by appointment, for calls, meetings or to help you navigate websites, etc. If you have questions, or need help, we are here for you…and if we don’t know the answers, we will find someone in the up-line who does. Pure and simple…just like the great Purium products!

medifast for gym owners