Why Choose Whole Food Concentrate Nutritional Supplements

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We live in a fast paced world full of food and food like substances to choose from to get our nutritional and energy needs met. What we need to focus on is which choices should we make to get the most out of our nutritional choices and why choose whole food concentrate nutritional supplements to make sure we are getting the most nutrition out of everything we eat.

As Dr. Mike talks about above, isolating nutrients isn’t usually the best way to incorporate specific nutrients into our bodies because most nutrients are designed to work in conjunction with other nutrients. Calcium, for instance, needs to have vitamin D in order for it to be assimilated into systems effectively.

Why do we need vitamin D?

Every tissue in our bodies needs vitamin D and will not work correctly if we do not get enough. In its most extreme forms, vitamin D deficiency produces rickets in children and osteomalacia (bone softening) in adults. Growth is disrupted, and bones become malformed. This happens because the concentration of minerals in the blood stream is not adequate to support the mineralization of new bone. This deficiency occurs because efficient absorption of dietary calcium requires vitamin D. [Criton Med School PDF]
The best way to get vitamin D is to hang around out in the sun! This should also help you to understand why many calcium rich foods have vitamin D added to them such as most milk products that are processed, fortified cereals (because it is expected that milk will be added), and even orange juice.

Many natural fruits and vegetables have all of the nutrients in the combination necessary for assimilation already incorporated however, as Dr Mike alludes to in the video, if we want an extra high dose of a certain type of mineral or nutrient we might find ourselves trying to OD on a particular fruit or vegetable.  A much easier way to increase the intact of the food would be to dehydrate it, thereby concentrating the nutrients and density.

Not all dehydration processes are the same. Nor do they all provide a quality product at the end of the process. Most dehydration is done at temperatures exceeding 100 degrees. Dehydration is the process of evaporating the water content out of an item. Purium products are all dehydrated at 88 degrees, a process Dave Sandavol discovered from a man in Utah who developed it while watching salt evaporate from waves that crashed against rocks.

The benefits of not over heating foods to dehydrate it is that they maintain their full nutritional value while still being preserved for long term storage. In the case of Purium’s products, they have a shelf life of two and half years at 100% efficacy and at the eight year mark still maintained 80% of their nutritional value!

Because our food supply has been so greatly damaged and many of our fruits and vegetables have diminished nutritional content we have to eat ever greater amounts in order to get the same nutrition that a lesser amount would have provides even twenty years ago.  An easier way to make sure that you and your family are getting the right nutrition and quality nutrition, not genetically modified or pesticide laden is to take advantage of whole food concentrate nutritional supplements like Purium offers in their line of power shakes, LOVE drinks and Creamy Meal Options as well as their whole line of “green” products.

Many of Purium’s products have earned the Certified Organic and Certified Kosher Certificates. These certificates require minimum standards that are pretty rigorous in order to qualify for them.

Here is the USDA’s statement about Certified Organic:

How can my operation become certified to the USDA organic standards?
Organic certification verifies that your farm or handling facility located anywhere in the world complies with the USDA organic regulations and allows you to sell, label, and represent your products as organic. These regulations describe the specific standards required for you to use the word “organic” or the USDA organic seal on food, feed, or fiber products. The USDA National Organic Program administers these regulations, with substantial input from its citizen advisory board and the public.

Getting Kosher Certified is a five step process that includes inspection and guaranteeing certain processing procedures will be followed. The OK Kosher symbol is a guarantee to the consumer that these requirements have been met. People look for the Kosher symbol not only for religious reasons, but for health reasons too. Certified Kosher means that the products are of the highest quality and properly processed.

Ultimately we choose how we will live by the food choices we make; we are either feeding disease or fighting it. Using whole food nutritional supplements is a large leap towards feeding our bodies to health.

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Jill Hart

Jill is a mom, a wife, and a country gal (transplanted from the city) interested in living a healthy life style by growing and harvesting food. I believe that we have been given all that we need to be healthy, we just need to make the choice to eat what we want to become.