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While there exists much information around the net about what constitutes “health” food, much of it seems to be contradictory. While one day one things is touted as “good” for you only to be bashed the next as “poison”. What can we, as mere mortals do to understand how to make better food choices?

To begin with we need to define food.

Food is the stuff made up of chemicals and nutrients that are designed to nourish our bodies. At the basic cellular level, certain natural objects have been shown to create the correct chemical response from our bodies to enrich our lives, keep us healthy and give us energy. This is why a gluten sensitivity diet plan, for example, may be a perfect solution for those feeling sick because of gluten intolerance.

While there are many things presented as food, not all of it is food.

Even the real, natural food choices we are given today, do not have the same quality of chemical make up that existed just twenty years ago. With the advent of genetically modifying food to look better, have a longer storage life, weed control, and other not so responsible reasons, even though something looks like it should be a quality, real food, it might not be!

It might look like an apple, an orange even a strawberry, yet unless you know how to read the label you are more likely than not going to be picking up something that has been modified genetically in some way!

What are we to do? How can we protect ourselves from this travesty of marketing and science gone amiss?

Awareness of the situation that exists is the starting point. Then making reasoned decisions to purchase quality organically grown food that is not genetically modified. Realistically no one is going to one day decide, “I’m never going to eat anything that is bad for me again”. Not saying that there won’t be some people out there that won’t, it is simply more likely that as your awareness of the problem grows so to will your decisions about food choices. One decision at a time, over time makes a big difference in the quality of your life.

why purium health productsWhy Purium Health Products?

Purium is a combination of the words pure and premium. Purium is committed to providing quality, organic, real food that has not been genetically modified.

A body needs certain nutrients to have work in an optimal way. By supplementing your current diet with quality products as you transition from bad to good food choices, your body will respond. You will shed weight as that is where the chemicals are stored from bad food choices. (Your body processes chemicals that it perceives as poison into fat. That is how your liver is set up to protect you) That is why the saying fat doesn’t make you fat, sugar does has become a rallying cry for people who have seen how badly the prevalence of sugar into seemingly EVERYTHING is killing us!

Optimally you would want to do a cleanse in the form of a 10 Day Transformation.  You will see the fastest results that way, though it is always better to start than to put off trying the products until it is the “perfect” time.

You will find Purium health product reviews here. In each review we will let you know what the products is made up of, what health issues it addresses, a few ideas about how you can incorporate using it into your life and we will try to find a testimonial or two about the product. If there are any negative comments about the Purium health products we review, we will comment about that too.

While, yes, Purium is a Net Work Marketing Company, David Sandoval set it up that way so that it would be easy to share with others, and he felt that it only makes sense to compensate those who wish to help their friends and family have access to real, organic, live whole foods.

Here is the answer to Why Purium Health Products in David’s own words:

The first part is about the $50 Gift Card Marketing System, at :31 in the video David goes into his vision about the company and the products…Watch it all the way through and you will understand how Purium can help you with your wealth and wellness. How much it helps is up to you.

Be sure to pick up your $50 gift card and try Purium health products for yourself. Schedule a complimentary consultation with Dr. Mike if you are unsure where or how to start getting your health back today.

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